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Infographic | End-to-end visibility on seafood supply chains

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

🐟 Traceability: why end-to-end visibility of seafood supply chains is a necessity, and a real opportunity?

🔎 Fraudulent product labeling, opaque sourcing, non-compliance with authorized fishing zones, health risks... The need for reassurance around seafood products is constantly growing and companies in the sector need to be able to guarantee the quality of their products by gaining visibility on their supply chains.

✅ This is the essence of our collaboration with QWEHLI, the chefs' fishmonger: "Transparency is a choice, it is the company's decision to make its information available to its customers in order to promote its strong and differentiating industrial choices. It is also an opportunity to better control its traceability and to be able to say "this batch was fished this day, at this place, by this boat and went to the factory this day".

Our platform combines all the elements to provide concrete answers to these traceability issues!

Do you want to get started? We answer all your questions!


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