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Platform: Tech & Security
Best in class design for top capabilities 

Tilkal has redesigned the currently available supply chain transparency approaches and created a superior technology in the form of a blockchain-based traceability platform that holistically covers critical traceability challenges faced by companies. 

Perfomance & completeness

An enterprise-grade traceability solution


Performance & scalability

Our traceability solution has proven to be capable of powering large scale traceability initiatives.

Best-in-class data security & confidentiality

Regular security and intrusion tests on our products and its infrastructure.

Quick & easy to deploy

Saas platform that can simply be embedded in existing solutions or adapted to poorly digitized environments.

Ready-to-use components

Digitization from multiple sources: B2B or B2C mobile apps, IoT, Excel, ERP, WMS, audit reports, manual entry forms, etc.

Completeness of use cases

Full due diligence, product tracking, sourcing & quality, compliance, non-financial reporting, fraud detection, transparency, etc.

Global outreach

We go where you go!

Do you have any questions?

Network backgroung

B2B blockchain network

Fostering accountability & trust
in the value chain

We use blockchain because it is a necessary enabler technology to answer the new regulatory paradigm for supply chains.

About our blockchain network

Data privacy

100% GDPR compliant

We highly value data privacy.

We only source data issued with clear consent management platforms,​ aligned with the GDPR guidelines.

We treat and deliver data in an anonymous, aggregated and minimized form.


Thanks to our in-house algorithms and artificial intelligence, our data is designed to be statistical only, complying with the principles of the GDPR.

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