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Cosmetics | Energie Fruit chooses Tilkal to trace its products

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Transparency and traceability innovation:
Energie Fruit chooses Tilkal to implement its traceability digital platform dedicated to consumers, to trace the journey of its products using blockchain technology.

The Bloomup Group specializes in the creation, marketing and distribution of natural parapharmaceutical and cosmetic products. In its portfolio: ENERGIE FRUIT ™, the innovative beauty hygiene brand that democratizes natural formulas and the beauty eco-gestures of the future. Today, it is launching B-HEART, a platform that uses Tilkal's blockchain solution to guarantee total transparency and traceability of the brand's products and raw materials.

ENERGIE FRUIT™ is a committed brand. Distributed in supermarkets, parapharmacies and e-commerce, it is a pioneer on Vegan, Cruetly free, made in France but also on the transparency of its formulations.

Today, the brand is strengthening its commitments to consumers and distributors and is going even further to meet the challenges of product transparency and traceability: it is launching "B-HEART", a web-app that will allow consumers to obtain all the information about the product in just one click.

Thanks to a QR code system printed on each product, customers will have access to information specific to the product they have in their hands, secured and traced via the Tilkal blockchain network: composition, origin, suppliers, raw materials, formulation, date, place and stages of manufacture, as well as its journey...


Through ENERGIE FRUIT™, Bloomup will now be able to prove its commitments and assure its customers who share the same values of complete traceability and transparency of its products.

This application will also be an impactful differentiation tool and a performance lever for the brand, in the complex traceability sector that is cosmetics.

Blockchain functions as a decentralized database, which allows users to securely access information registered in real time by different providers. The information thus becomes secure, transparent and unalterable and allows to build a transparency based on evidence.

"In a world that is more and more attentive to the impact of consumed products on the environment and health, it was necessary to propose a tool that would give consumers the power to inform themselves, to know and to make an informed choice about the product they buy. This tool is an excellent way to bring change in an industry like cosmetics by pushing brands to take more responsibility, to rethink their supply chain to ensure full traceability. The long-term objective is to be able to choose all of our stakeholders based on the criterion of transparency and to ensure sustainable sourcing of all our raw materials. This is a paradigm shift in the development of our products: we must start from the quality of raw materials to offer the best products to consumers, and not the other way around."

Maxime Finaz, Director of the Bloomup Group


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