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Client Testimonial | Seafood traceability: Qwehli adopts the Tilkal solution

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Qwehli, the fishmonger of the world's top tables, has adopted our solution to reinforce the traceability of its products, towards more transparency for its end customers. Simon Deprez, CEO of Qwehli, shares his experience during a ‘no-filter’ conversation with Joseph Azar, CEO of Tilkal, at the 3S Food Traceability Exhibition (replay at the bottom of the page).

Committed to quality and taste, Qwehli is a reference for top chefs and restaurants around the world who are committed to offering a range of high-quality seafood products.

While the seafood sector is faced with major problems of opacity, environmental and health impact (unclear origin, labelling anomalies, bloated fish, prohibited fishing techniques and areas, etc.), Qwehli stands out thanks to controlled traceability and 100% transparency from the fishing boat to the kitchen.

To build this reliable traceability and to give the greatest transparency to its end customers, Qwehli uses the Tilkal Visibility Platform based on blockchain technology.


"From an initially marketing-oriented topic, this transparency project has become a real business case, central to our system internally and externally."

"Blockchain is a sort of guarantor, a system where everyone is responsible for their data whose integrity is guaranteed by this technology. It was my supplier who wrote down in black and white what they did for Qwehli, and it wasn't Qwehli who wrote down what they said they did, which completely changes the approach."

"Our criteria for choosing our technology partner: to be able to do hyper-simple on such a complicated subject, to have the expertise beyond service delivery, to be extremely pragmatic and flexible."

"Since the technology now exists and is accessible, even for a small SME like Qwehli, it will become a real trend. We will all have to get on board, because for those who are not transparent, the question will arise of what they have to hide."


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