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Frequently Asked Questions

Embark on your traceability journey with us, we are here to guide you through it.

In a few words… What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology where members can share information in a secure and transparent environment. Therefore, making it ideal for actors who need to share information but may have conflicting interests.

How does blockchain benefit traceability?

Blockchain as a technology provides evidence as to “who said what and when”, whilst allowing auditability of the data. It also contributes to solving business challenges, notably the historical difficulties faced by actors in the supply chain to share data in a reliable, entrusted and transparent manner.

How is data confidentiality ensured?

Confidentiality is ensured as every step is encrypted and stamped from start to finish, whilst the data is only accessible by the actors authorized by data owners.
Actors participating in our blockchain network host a node. When data is fed into a given node, it is stamped with a private key belonging to the node owner. It is also encrypted with keys owned and controlled by the node owner. The transaction of the data transferred is also encrypted.
In addition, there is a channel creation process which allows the data owner to select the recipients of the data shared. This process is also encrypted. 

Who owns the data?

At any time, you can decide to send (or not) copies of your data to other participants in the Tilkal Network. The data will be sent via predefined channels that can be changed and/or closed according to your needs. For our part, data that you share in our solution is never used outside of the agreed contract framework.

Can we choose with whom we share the data?

Not only does our solution aim to offer a simple and seamless flow of auditable data, shared between actors, but it also intends to assure flawless confidentiality of this data.
Each actor can establish and configure different channels with participating members of the network and share selective data through them. All information sent via a channel is shared exclusively and securely with the actors associated with this channel.

How can you be sure that the data is true?

There are two distinct aspects: the validity of the data and its accuracy.
Validity: Tilkal’s solution ensures that the data sent by an actor is clean, in the sense that it is associated to this actor and was not modified after entering the system.
Accuracy: the solution places responsibility on the actor providing the data. In addition to the audit procedures already in place, the Tilkal platform allows real-time checks for consistency of information using big data and machine learning analysis methods. 

What about the energy consumption of the Tilkal blockchain?

Our blockchain network is a B2B network where all players are identified companies. This governance model is the opposite of that of cryptocurrency networks in which the stakeholders are anonymous. It is anonymity that directly generates the well-known problems of absurd energy consumption. Our network is not confronted with this type of excessive energy consumption.

How is the security of Tilkal’s solution ensured?

Security and confidentiality are dealt with seriously at Tilkal. We hold security tests (pentest) and intrusion tests in white box mode with an independent body, Synacktiv. This is conducted on all of our products and infrastructure.
Result? All the audited components are at the expected security level. Most importantly to you, it was impossible to access customers’ data (i.e. neither from outside, nor from an account created for the tests).

Any further question? 
We are here to answer them!

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