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Tilkal Suite
For unprecedented
supply chain visibility

With Tilkal Suite, you can share a Digital Product Passport for B2B and B2C use cases, link your non-financial KPIs to your operations, ensure your compliance with origin, transparency, and due diligence regulations. 

All in a single tool.


Expand, secure, and automate data collection

With Connect, consolidate data collection from your suppliers to acquire knowledge and control of your end-to-end supply chain.

Connect comes with pre-configured forms and campaign automation tools, as well as seamless integration capabilities via APIs, IoT devices, and B2B mobile apps. With the range of capabilities offered by Connect, your suppliers can share data using the tools that best suit their working conditions.

Based on data notarization via secure, auditable, and tamper-proof B2B blockchain networks, Connect ensures accountability and trust between partners.

Screenshot of an example of a Tilkal Data collection form


Visualize key supply chain KPIs and verify compliance

Tilkal Suite Insights multi screen view

In the blink of an eye, monitor key traceability, performance, impact or risk indicators of your supply chain in real-time to ensure regulatory compliance and readiness for non-financial reporting.


With Insights you gain access to alerts and consistency scores, verification for each supplier, product or category to ensure compliance while detecting anomalies, fraud, and more.


Our flow reconstruction algorithms are generated using Big Data and AI techniques to provide never before seen insights in personalized dashboards.


Insights can be configured to your business needs for data-driven decision making.  

Control Tower

Dive deep and get a fine-grained, real-time view of your supply chain

With the Control Tower, you can drill up and down your supply chain when you need a fine-grained view of its workings.

This is where you can track products, categories, batches, collections or product units, while managing transactions and certifications statuses.


View details of flows and assets regardless of the type of aggregation (batch, unit, boxes) or accounting (item, mass, FIFO, volume).

All in one place!

Tilkal Suite view of supplier mapping in control tower
Wool coat Transparency App by Tilka
Tilkal Spotlight B2C Product Passport Events mapping
Tilkal Spotlight B2C Product Passport Reviews


Create digital product passports for B2B or B2C use

Configure your product passport according to the specific challenges of each product, whether it is to meet a transparency challenge vis-a-vis your end customers (B2B or B2C), or to be compliant with current and future regulations (AGEC, DPP, conflict minerals, FSMA, etc).

Differentiate your products and interact with your customers through a 100% transparent and innovative experience by proving your commitments based on secure traceability data.

On any product, and in any industry.

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