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Traceability Use Cases by Category
A wide range of use cases
to meet your
traceability needs 

From ensuring ethical sourcing, to tracking products, demonstrating compliance or offering transparency to end customers through Digital Product Passports, Tilkal brings all the capabilities to answer your traceability challenges.

All in a single tool.

Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability-related regulations require companies to prove origin and impact from raw materials to end products. Even if your company is indirectly in scope, you are likely to be impacted and may even be legally liable. This is consistent across most raw materials sourcing, be it mica, cobalt, plastics, cocoa, coffee, cotton, etc.

In this context, we work with two types of players to ensure ethical sourcing: manufacturers and brands with a strong impact on the sector, and MSIs grouping together several actors mobilized to improve their sectors.

Tilkal Suite Sourcing - Plot Geographical Location
Responsible Mica Initiative Logo Edited

Fighting child labor in mica supply chains

Logo Valrhona

Fighting deforestation in the cocoa supply chain

Logo Veolia

Ethics & compliance of rPET recycling value chain

Product tracking

Computer shape
Tilkal Suite: supply chain drill-up and drill-down for end-to-end traceability
Tilkal B2B Data Collection Mobile App

The reality of physicals markers requires different kinds of traceability, depending on where you stand in the supply chain: we make it possible to track pallets, boxes, batches, or serialized units, or to utilize mass or volume balance accounting.

We collect and aggregate a wide range of traceability data including: logistics (aggregation, movements), manufacturing (transformation, composition), recycling, etc, across all the relevant economic actors. 

You always know where your products are, gaining operational control and the ability to reinforce product safety and perform efficient product recalls.

Logo Danone

Downstream traceability and food safety for infant formula

Logo Joone

End to end traceability for beauty and baby products

Demonstrating compliance

With the fast evolution of the EU/US legislation, proving origin & impact from raw materials to end products is becoming a real “license to operate” for industrials & brands.

- Supplier visibility to manage risk of indirect implication with deforestation, child labor, conflict minerals, etc.
- Unique risk assessment & AI-based due diligence intelligence to verify compliance in real time for each supplier, product, category, batch, collection or unit.

- Supply chain cascading exploration, up and down-stream, automated product checks against specifications. 

- Generation of alerts if compliance rules are not met.

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Tilkal Suite Compliance Reporting
Logo Daher

Compliance with EU customs rules from raw materials to planes

Logo Valrhona

Proof of due diligence and compliance with EU Deforestation- Free Regulation

Digital Product Passport
and Transparency

Shape computer
Tilkal B2B Digital Product Passport
Tilkal B2C Digital Product Passport

With our Digital Product Passports, share key product-related information ranging from a product's composition & lifecycle, including raw materials, provenance, production events up to recycling, suppliers, etc, across all the relevant economic actors. 

- Assess and optimize a product's sustainability and environmental impact
- Allow authorities to verify compliance with legal obligations (AGEC, DPP, conflict minerals, FSMA, etc).
- Communicate sustainability guarantees and differentiate products in a B2B context
- Help consumers make sustainable choices with more informed purchasing decisions

Logo Coeur de Lion

Reassure consumers and promote quality of cheese products

Energie Fruit Logo

Build client trust and prove CSR claims on beauty products

Logo Aigle

Anchor CSR claims in trust with proof-based traceability

Blockchain network

We are here to guide you through your traceability journey

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