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Valrhona: traceability to support responsible cocoa sourcing

Updated: Feb 8

Building sustainable and ethical sourcing requires concrete action. As regulations become more stringent, we are thrilled to share with you a concrete and profoundly inspiring initiative based on our unique collaboration with Valrhona, the renowned chocolate manufacturer, and PwC: bringing fine, end-to-end, and real-time traceability to Valrhona's cocoa value chain to support responsible cocoa ESG management.

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Featured in two-thirds of Michelin-starred restaurants, Valrhona has long been recognized as a trusted brand and a pioneer in ESG commitments and digital transformation. Through this collaboration with Tilkal, the brand’s

primary goal is to achieve 100% traceability of the 15 origins of cocoa beans back to their original plot by the year 2025.

By leveraging Tilkal's platform, Valrhona is now able to trace the journey of cocoa beans from the plots where they are grown to the factories where they are processed. This end-to-end and real-time traceability empowers Valrhona with comprehensive visibility throughout its supply chain, enabling them to enhance their due diligence processes and ESG commitments.

At Vivatech 2023, VALRHONA, PwC, and Tilkal made their first public presentation of the initiative.

Our key takeaways from the conference:

- Leveraging Tilkal’s platform, Valrhona ensures cocoa beans' traceability back to their original plot and a firm comprehension of the upstream supply chain, building a solid foundation for the brand's ESG commitments to support local communities and ensure compliance with deforestation regulations.

- Digitized and secured data facilitates the extraction of information for extensive analysis, the monitoring of each phase of the supply chain, and the swift response to unforeseen situations.

- The importance of such an initiative is not only to ensure the traceability of cocoa, but also to use it to establish financial traceability of payments to producers, to reduce delays in payment of their premiums and thus contribute to improving their living conditions.

- Fine, end-to-end traceability reinforces the effectiveness of incentives for producers and local actors, as well as the brand's commitment to a fair and sustainable cocoa industry, which are fundamental to Valrhona's culture.

- The collaboration between Tilkal and PwC for local field support, was a key success factor to implement the project swiftly and efficiently.

Driven by a shared target of concrete and positive actions, this collaboration between Valrhona, PwC and Tilkal establishes a benchmark for the industry, highlighting the significance of transparent supply chains in fostering a sustainable future.


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