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Tilkal Suite New Version - Meeting Growing Traceability Requirements

Updated: Mar 4

Regulatory compliance, impact, operational control... the challenges of traceability and due diligence in the supply chain are evolving and are more than ever at the heart of corporate strategies. In response, a new version of our platform, enhanced and easier to navigate, is now available: 

Data Collection Campaign Automation

Our data collection module, Connect, is enhanced with a 'campaign management' feature designed to simplify and automate traceability data collection from suppliers. Now, you can organize your collection campaigns and their content, automate follow-ups with your suppliers, and track the progress of received responses.

Revamped User Experience

The user experience and platform navigation have been significantly simplified, enriched, and streamlined. Management of certifications and certificates, product sheets, supplier profiles, transactions, asset tracking—all these views now optimally present the collected information (supply chain mapping, asset lifecycle, impact data, composition, scoring, and alignment with expectations).

A view of Tilkal Suite revamped User Experience

Simplifying the Supplier Experience

Our supplier portal now includes a task list ("to-do") directly linked to received data collection campaigns and an auditable tracking of declaration histories. Finally, a 'password-less' access ensures secure entry while simplifying onboarding and participation for stakeholders.

Ensuring EUDR Compliance

Shipment tracking and supplier profiles can now incorporate a geographical view of the origin plots of products. Coupled with deforestation data collection, this forms the necessary foundation to comply with the new European regulation on deforestation (EUDR).

A view of Tilkal Suite EUDR Compliance Tools

Implementing B2B Digital Product Passports

In addition to our Product Passports accessible via a QR code on products aimed at providing transparency to consumers, you can now generate B2B Product Passports. This can be for meeting transparency and traceability needs with your end customers to differentiate your products or for regulatory compliance (AGEC, DPP, conflict minerals, FSMA, etc).


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