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Our brand new modules for supplier and transaction traceability are available now!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Our brand new modules for supplier and transaction traceability are available now!

How can you confidently associate an event in your product flow such as origin for instance with a given supplier? How do you ensure that this event is consistent with the promise of quality and sustainability at the heart of your products?

Going forward, in addition to end-to-end traceability of product flows, the operational view you get from Tilkal is supplemented by modules enabling you to map out your supply chain and track your transactions more precisely.

Thanks to the aggregation of these 3 traceability facets/entry points into a single platform, you benefit from even better risk management, enhanced controls at different levels, as well as more comprehensive reporting. - Supply Chain Module | Map out your suppliers and their upstream & downstream partners in our network, and manage the life cycles of their certifications.

- Transactions Module | Trace your commercial transactions and those of your suppliers (purchase orders, invoices, IMAs, ODPs, etc.) and their links to the assets, batches, products, certificates, events, and suppliers or partners involved.

- Product flows Module | This module provides traceability and visibility on all the movements of your assets (batch, pallet, unit, box, product reference), taking into account aggregation, transformation, and composition. Each asset and its current status can be tracked throughout its journey in the supply chain (origin, transformation, packaging, transport, etc.).



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