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How is Danone using blockchain to drive transparency and traceability in a global supply chain?

Updated: Mar 13

As 2020 came to a close, we had the pleasure to share the stage with Danone at the last Supply Chain Event conference to present the Track & Connect project. Replay!

A view of Danone's Aptamil baby formula packaging

Danone's Track & Connect program is a particularly ambitious downstream traceability initiative, developed at scale in a global supply chain to improve visibility and drive consumer trust.

Leveraging Tilkal’s blockchain solution, T & C offers a secure method to collect and analyze movement data in the distribution network in China for Danone’s baby formula products.


"Track & Connect by Danone: driving transparency and down-stream traceability in a global supply chain using blockchain"

Find out more about the testimonials of Yasmine Achab, Track & Connect Business Global Program Director, Danone, Olivier Dauguet, IT Operations Director, Danone, Julien Laroche, Traceability IT Program Leader, Danone, and Joseph Azar, cofounder & COO, Tilkal.

> What business challenges does such a traceability project address?

> How are the implementation and deployment orchestrated with Danone partners? And internally with business and IT?

> Why use a technology partner? Why blockchain and why Tilkal?

> What are the lessons learned from this project? What possibilities does it open up?

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