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Food | Cœur de Lion chooses Tilkal to ensure full traceability and transparency of its products

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Cœur de Lion chooses Tilkal to go further in guaranteeing the traceability of its coulommiers cheeses thanks to blockchain technology, and to meet consumers' expectations of transparency.

A cutting-edge traceability initiative

Committed to a sustainable and responsible approach, Cœur de Lion is an iconic French brand known for the quality of its cheeses.

A Coeur de Lion coulommiers is bought every two seconds in France (Nielsen Full Coverage 2021)

With only 47% of Europeans saying they trust the integrity of food products (EIT Food, 2022), the brand is committed to transparency and end-to-end traceability for its products.

On the consumer side, Cœur de Lion coulommiers now feature a QR code on their packaging that allows consumers to access the unique story of each cheese with just a scan from their phone.

Behind the scenes, it is the secure and auditable traceability of all the manufacturing stages of the coulommiers batches that has been put in place thanks to the Tilkal solution, from the collection of the milk in Normandy, the curdling, the maturing, the packaging..., and right up to the consumer.

Blockchain works as a decentralised database, which allows users to securely access information declared in real time by the various actors in the value chain, at each stage of the production of products. The information thus becomes secure, transparent and tamper-proof, and makes it possible to build transparency based on proof.

What is the objective for Cœur de Lion?

Cœur de Lion provides its customers with full traceability and transparency of its coulommiers cheeses.

This initiative is an impactful differentiation tool, promoting the quality of the products by proving their uniqueness, and a performance lever for the brand in a sector where traceability is a challenge.


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