Software Infrastructure for Traceability & Transparency

Blockchain + API + Analytics for Supply Chains

. Collaborative . Agile . Boundless . 

Tilkal is the Software Infrastructure that organizes traceability across all supply chain stakeholders

thanks to blockchain, API and analytics.

It is packaged based on real life deployments to lift technological barrier which allows you to focus on your use case as well as the business value for you and your partners. 

Real Time & Actionable Data - Always know what is happening in your supply chain. Fight gray markets and counterfeit. Get real-time reports and alerts. Manage product recalls.

Interoperable Solution - Some of your business partners have chosen a different traceability solution? No problem, we will connect you.

Neutral & Permissioned Data-Sharing Network - You own the network. You and each of your supply chain partners, whether upstream or downstream, operate a node and control how data is shared and where it goes.

. Collect . Share . Analyze .

Collect, process and share products lifecycle data across your product vertical or industry, in real time.

Tilkal's analytics platform for traceability

Get real-time, data-backed views of the supply chain, along with metrics, reports & alerts  


Expose Digital IDs to your clients and consumers through mobile apps

(native or web) and open a new conversation channel based on trust and transparency

Tilkal's Consumer Mobile App for transparency in supply chains
Simple Data Capture Tool

Digitize information capture in the field using our mobile SDK

and get real time insights thanks to B2B mobile app

Tilkal simple data capture tool for real-time traceability
Compatible with...
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Bar code, datamatrix, QR code, IoT & more.


Turn your supply chain into

a business differentiator

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