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Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency Platform

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Supply chain traceability is entering a new era

With the need for resilience, the demand for transparency and the increase in regulatory obligations, companies have to prove origin and impact from raw materials to end products. End-to-end traceability is becoming a new form of “license to operate”.

Tilkal brings the capabilities to answer that challenge and make supply chains more resilient, sustainable and ethical.

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A view of Tilkal suite Traceability Tree by batch
A view of Tilkal B2B Data Collection Mobile App

Always know where your products are

Sourcing and product tracking

Supplier visibility beyond Tier 1

Proof of origin 

Product recall
Grey markets
Drill up & down any batch

Root your claims in trust

Non-financial reporting

Regulatory reporting

ESG & CSR impacts 

Full due diligence

Alerts, scoring and coherence analysis

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A view of Tilkal Suite CSR Insights
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A view of Tilkal B2B Digital Product Passport
A view of Tilkal Spotlight - Digital Product Passport showing all traceability information on a cosmetic product

Share the history of your products

Digital Product Passport

Product life cycle

Regulatory compliance 

B2B or B2C transparency
Proof of impact

A network of dots

Why is Tilkal unique?

Tilkal enables end-to-end visibility and due diligence over your entire supply chain, upstream and downstream, and in any sector. 

We have experience across multiple sectors

Honey, milk, cocoa, organic plant-based components, fish & seafood, meat

Textile, apparel, shoes, jewellery, and leather

Conflict minerals, mica, plastic, manganese

Cosmetics, chemicals, health and beauty products

Industry and aerospace

What they say about us

Logo Danone

"The value that Tilkal has brought us is first and foremost expertise and an approach that makes sense, that is to say a traceability solution with blockchain, and not a blockchain solution that allows, among other things, to deal with traceability.

It is also an operational solution, simple and flexible, and a mindset that is similar to ours: pragmatism, co-construction, agility, which were key points for us"
Julien Laroche

IT & Data Director - Quality, Food Safety, Transparency & Traceability, Danone

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