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Tilkal Suite is out for Unprecedented Supply chain Visibility

Updated: Feb 8

We are very pleased to announce a major step forward for the Tilkal platform, with the release of Tilkal Suite.

With the roll-out of Tilkal Suite (version 1.0), Tilkal is offering major improvements to the user interface and UX of its supply chain traceability platform. These updates are designed to simplify the analysis of your supply chain, the collection of data from your suppliers and the navigation between all aspects of your supply chain - suppliers, certificates, products, flows, transactions, etc.

With Tilkal Suite, you can share a Digital Product Passport for B2B and B2C use cases, link your non-financial KPIs to your operations, ensure your compliance with origin, transparency, and due diligence regulations.

All in a single tool.

Monitor key traceability, performance, impact or risk indicators of your supply chain in real-time to ensure regulatory compliance and readiness for non-financial reporting. Alerts and consistency scores, verification of each supplier, product or category’s compliance, detection of anomalies and fraud, and more.

Simplify collection of supplier data and consolidation with your own, with pre-configured forms and automated collection campaigns.


Drill up and down your supply chain when you need a fine-grained view of its workings.

Track products, categories, batches, collections or product units. View details of flows and assets regardless of the type of aggregation (batch, unit, boxes) or accounting (item, mass, volume). Manage transaction and certification status.

Configure your Digital Product Passport (DPP) according to your needs and analyse your transparency actions.

On any product, and in any industry.

Ready to get on board? Contact us to know more!


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