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Joone & Tilkal are launching the first nappy with blockchain-based traceability!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Joone Paris, an online brand of hygiene and care products for the family, to offer DOORZ, the very first blockchain-based traceability and transparency platform in the sector. This tool, developed in less than three months, will initially be available for the brand's nappies.

Why a traceability tool?

In a world where consumer confidence is being lost, transparency is a good way for brands to differentiate themselves and grow. The issue of traceability, on which transparency relies, has become central: consumers want more than promises; they want proof of a company's commitments!

DOORZ is a way to substantiate Joone's desire to bring radical transparency to a community in search of reassurance. The tool makes it possible to securely trace the entire path of the nappies by batch, as well as of orders placed, to substantiate Joone's commitment, and that of its suppliers, to clean products, and makes this information available to users in real-time and in complete transparency.

'I already trusted Joone completely, and this gives me even more reason to convince other mothers.'
'I discovered that the nappy is actually a very complex product, and I understand even better now why Joone puts so much energy into making it a clean product.' (Joone customers)

Radical transparency based on secure traceability

For the technological building blocks to support the implementation of this project, Joone called on Tilkal, whose software infrastructure uses blockchain and big-data technologies to organise 'modern' traceability of the supply chain, from beginning to end and in real-time. This helps restore real visibility of the product life cycle and identify important facts related to the operation of the supply chain to provide better operational control, compliance and transparency.

Specifically, the collection of data from the parties involved via a blockchain network, which is decentralised, makes it possible to guarantee both that the information is auditable and that it has not been altered, and also makes each party accountable for doing what they have said they will. This guarantee of evidence-based transparency gives substance to the promises made by the brand. The consumer gains real-time knowledge of 'who did what, where, when and how' to the product they're holding in their hands.

How does it work?

Manufacturing dates, origin of raw materials, supplier profiles, analyses: the tool allows users, with a single click from a personalised link via their Joone customer space, and for each order, to consult the entire path of the nappies, traced by batch.

In brief:

- It took less than three months to technically develop this project

- Traceability of nappies by batch, as well as of orders placed

- Available from July 2020 for nappies, DOORZ will integrate the care and textile ranges from end of 2020


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