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AIGLE chooses Tilkal to trace its products end-to-end

Updated: Mar 13

AIGLE, an emblematic French textile brand, chooses Tilkal to reinforce the traceability of its production channels.

They are in store! 55 textile and footwear models from the Aigle Spring/Summer 2022 collection are now tracked by our platform. By scanning a QR code on products labels, consumers can access traceability and ESG data in full transparency.

AIGLE chooses Tilkal to trace its textile products end-to-end
A traceability initiative focused on CSR

In order to reduce the environmental footprint of a product, it is essential to know the real conditions of its manufacture, from the production of the raw material to the garment. Within the framework of this project, Life Cycle Analysis is based primarily on real field data collected within Tilkal's decentralized blockchain network. This is an essential asset for providing reliable results and enhancing eco-design approaches.

This is a meaningful project that allow AIGLE to better control its supply chain in order to boost the eco-design of its collections and thus achieve the ambitious objectives that the brand has set through its CSR policy, with 4 priority objectives:

1. Trace the manufacturing of its products end-to-end;

2. Eco-design by calculating the impact factors of each model;

3. Prepare for the new environmental display requirements;

4. Differentiate through real transparency on product manufacturing and their environmental footprint.

Thanks to a dedicated transparency app consumers have access to clear and transparent information
Restoring trust between brands and consumers

Thanks to a dedicated mobile app accessible by scanning a QR code placed on the labels of the traced products, consumers have access to clear and transparent information on the products they buy.

What makes this information so valuable is that it is proof-based and specific to the product he/she has in his/her hands, and covers all its manufacturing stages from the raw material to the store, as well as its environmental impact.


AIGLE was founded in France in 1853 with the design of rubber boots. Iconic French brand distributed in 20 countries, AIGLE has now become a company with a mission by committing itself to the eco-design of its products, the protection of biodiversity and the human being.

The company employs more than1400 people, including 583 in France, notably at its historical boot manufacturing site in Châtellerault. AIGLE, under the leadership of its CEO Sandrine Conseiller, is committed to an ambitious CSR strategy through its POSITIVE IMPACT program with the objective of reducing its carbon footprint by 46% by 2030.


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