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Cosmetics | New partnership announcement: Les Candides X Tilkal

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

One more step towards transparency for the cosmetics industry! The start-up Les Candides commits to total traceability and transparency of its products with Tilkal's blockchain-based solution

While 94% of consumers believe that cosmetic brands should be more honest and transparent about the ingredients of their products*, Les Candides is going even further in the transparency and traceability of cosmetics. The start-up is now offering its customers visibility on the entire journey of each of its skincare products, from the producer to the bathroom, thanks to Tilkal's blockchain-based solution. A consumer application provides transparent access to the complete journey of the products (from the date of harvest to packaging) and to all the company's partners and service providers thanks to a QR code affixed to the products.

WHY THIS INITIATIVE? The observation is the following: the cosmetic sector is particularly opaque. The formulation of a skincare product is a complex process, which involves many intermediaries and successive transformations, both for the supply of plant materials and for processed ingredients. The industry is built on numerous brokers and wholesalers who keep their sources of supply secret. Yet, isn't the first step to mastering quality and social and environmental footprint to know precisely the route of each component of the product? TOTAL TRACEABILITY: THE MISSION OF LES CANDIDES Les Candides' ambition is to offer skincare products that are 100% traceable from the producer to the bathroom. And for the brand, the traceability of the supply chain goes hand in hand with total transparency, so that customers understand perfectly what they are buying. Traceability is also having the power to choose the best raw materials, to make the choice of quality and therefore enhance the effectiveness of the finished product.


To make this traceability more reliable and to give the greatest transparency to Les Candides' customers, the brand relies on blockchain technology and announces its partnership with Tilkal.

Tilkal develops a traceability software platform that restores real visibility of the product life cycle to provide more operational control, compliance and transparency.

In concrete terms, Tilkal collects data from the various stakeholders working on the product throughout the chain thanks to a blockchain network: the data then becomes secure, transparent, and tamper-proof, and allows to build transparency based on evidence.

For example, each actor involved in the making of the product (producer, processor, manufacturer) will himself provide its certificates, proof of compliance with the specifications.


On each product's label, a QR code gives access to an application, which presents the detailed journey of all the components and each stage of transformation.

The exact origin of materials, harvest dates, portraits of raw material producers, names of partner laboratories, portraits of teams, including logistician, printing... The tool allows users, in a simple scan, to consult the entire life cycle of the products!

For its launch, the functionality is available on the following 3 products: Ingenue soap with honey, Olympe oil with plum, Carrot oil with calendula, camelina and meadowsweet.

Access to the traceability application will be extended to all products in the range, traced by batch, in the coming months.

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