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Network / Naturalim & Compagnie du Miel (Cooperative) - Groupe Casino (Distributor)

Give consumers a 360 degree vision of the purchased product

Discover how Groupe Casino, a major French distributor with 10,000 supermarkets around the world, rolled out end-to-end traceability for its white-labelled honey together with the beekeeper' cooperative Naturalim.

Only 3 months were necessary to implement our "Control Tower" platform gathering data from the entire chain, to build a customised Consumer App and for production to be launched.

Implementing traceability across the honey chain is a unique way to showcase a local and sustainable production, promote the liability of its stakeholders and to reconnect with the consumer thanks to transparency. 

It will also allow, in time, to optimize the product recalls processes in-store, in case of a health issue for example.


Network / Laboratoires Radael (Manufacturer) - Carriers - Clinics (Distributor)

A real-time, data-backed view of how the supply chain operates

Dedicated to non sterile solid dosage forms production for healthcare industry, Laboratoires Rodael implemented our solution in order to track & trace its products to control composition, monitor theft and counterfeiting, secure delivery. 

First markets targeted are clinics from North Africa and the Middle East.

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