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Header Tilkal Solutions - Raw materials and aerospace traceability

We track any product or component
in any industry.

Food products use plastic packagings, fashion uses leather, batteries use minerals... Tilkal uniquely supports entire value chains in their need for resilience, transparency and regulatory compliance by enabling the traceability of any product or component, end-to-end and across sectors.

Meet some of our customers

Food variety image

Food & agriculture

Coeur de Lion Logo

Reassure consumers and promote quality of cheese products

Danone Logo

Downstream traceability and food safety for infant formula

Valrhona Logo

Fighting deforestation in the cocoa supply chain

Minepia Orange Logo

Secure traceability of cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, fish from farms to markets for the Ministry of Agriculture of Cameroon

Logo Provamel

Sourcing of plant-based milks in Europe and consumer transparency

Image health and cosmetics products
Logo energie Fruit

Build client trust and prove CSR claims on beauty products

Logo Joone

End to end traceability for beauty and baby products

Diva Flora Logo Edited

Build client trust and prove quality on beauty products

Health and cosmetics

Blockchain network

What about you?
What are your traceability issues?

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