Our Motives

We love technology.

And we believe that the ever-increasing availability of data is a powerful means to improve our lives.

Every time we buy a product, consume goods or eat food,

we implicitly vote for the kind of world we want to live in. We make a choice on behalf of our children, voting through our direct actions for the world we choose to leave them. 

That daily vote is crucial because it is our most concrete weapon against the development of illicit trades, such as counterfeiting, child labor or unsustainable agricultural practices. 

We believe that profitable business should go hand in hand with a commitment to ethics and sustainability. And further, we believe that in most industries they are already becoming inseparable.

Digital technologies, like blockchain, are driving a transparency revolution.

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Joseph Azar

Chief Operating Officer


Sébastien Gaïde

Chief Technology Officer

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Matthieu Hug

Chief Executive Officer



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