From operationnal control to trust and market differentiation

Consumers want more information about the products they buy such as composition, provenance and sustainability impacts. Moreover, they want to adapt their buying behavior based on this information. Your ability to organize end-to-end traceability and provide genuine and trustable transparency can become one of your strongest marketing asset.

Rebuild consumer trust based on transparency

  • Dynamic content about your products down to unit level

  • Product origin and impacts

  • Brand values promotion and proof of sustainability investments

  • Consumer notification in case of product recalls

Protect your consumers from illicit trade
  • Product authentication

  • Brand image protection

  • Commitment to quality, safety and positive impact

  • Statistical views of product flow

  • Know where and when your products are sold

  • Feed into your Business Intelligence systems

End-to-end operations analysis
Real-time feedback loop
  • Product flow alerts when issues are detected

  • Detect parallel imports and illicit trade

  • Product recall management

  • Custom triggers targeting specific business problems

What are "transparency" and "traceability" for you?

End-to-end traceability across the supply chain means different things to different people. Depending on your industry and position in your value chain you face different challenges and will apply traceability to different things.

Over time, you will address traceability from complementary angles:

product lifecyle, quality and practices, and compliance.

Secure long supply chains

Provenance, detect parallel imports, fight counterfeit

Promote practices or local value chain

Proof of origin, product quality, value sharing

IVD, laboratories, authorities

Auditability of external controls

Securing product recalls

Real-time information sharing from supply chain stakeholders to authorities to consumers

REACH, RoHS compliance

Conflict minerals, environmental crime or child labor

Supplier network practices

Process & Document digitization

Transport to delivery to invoicing

Turn your supply chain into

a business differentiator

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