How does it work?

How does it work?

We build Digital IDs for your products and assets, and provide product flow specific analytics.

To achieve this we collect data along your supply chain using secure, auditable and confidential blockchain networks, and process this information for you in our SaaS platform.

1- Collect supply chain data through APIs

2- Encrypt and notarize all collected data

3- Build Digital IDs specific to each stakeholder

4- Build and share analytics on product flow

Use insights to improve your supply chain

Getting data in and out of the platform

The platform offers 3 connection models corresponding to different trade-offs in terms of ease of implementation and impact on your IT environment.

Through a Tilkal network node

Host your own node and send data from your ERPs to the blockchain network directly from within your own environment

Your private IT LAN

Node Container

+ Blockchain


+ Load management


Blockchain protocol

Blockchain network node

Through a secure API 

Engage partners with small IT footprint or with no interest in hosting a node

Your private IT LAN


Tilkal SaaS

Blockchain network node

Through a secure API from mobile apps

Engage individuals or SMBs


Blockchain network node

Tilkal SaaS


Technology components provided by our platform

A range of technology components to deliver a comprehensive solution for end-to-end traceability.

Build identities for products and assets

Based on logistics and business data of traceability partner

Sourced from their respective private IT environments (ERP, WMS, etc)

Turn your supply chain into

a business differentiator

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