End-to-end traceability is the #1 challenge for sustainable supply chains

Consumers, businesses, regulatory authorities: all demand increased transparency.

Consumers worry about product origin and integrity for reasons of both health and social responsibility. At the same time businesses are becoming acutely aware of their social and environmental responsibilities, investing into sustainable practices and sourcing in line with their customers’ expectations. Equally importantly an ever growing number of regulations and compliance frameworks seek to assure the integrity of global product and data flows.

Tilkal is the digital identity platform organizing traceability

across supply chain stakeholders

Supply chain fragmentation, lack of information sharing, isolation of various Track & Trace systems are the reason why reliable traceability does not exist today.

Up to 30 Million

transactions per day on each Tilkal network

At its core the Tilkal platform is an industrial strength business solution that leverages private blockchain technology. It is designed and packaged to be a high-transaction solution that is easy to deploy while still being build from the ground-up to meet the industrial requirements of modern supply chains.

Let your products tell their story

Collect, process and share products lifecycle data across your product vertical or industry.

Expose Digital IDs to your clients and consumers through mobile apps

(native or web)

screenshot of Tilkal's mobile application

Get data analyses about your

end-to-end supply chain flows

and take relevant actions

screenshot of Tilkal's web portal

Digitize information capture in the field using our mobile SDK

and get real time insights

screenshot of Tilkal's web portal

Turn your supply chain into

a business differentiator

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